Margaret Williams, 846-0149, Lead Program Assistant

Margaret joined the Lead Program in December 2007.  She is certified in Essential Maintenance Practices and is an EPA certified Lead Inspector/Risk Assessor, Project Designer and Workers Supervisor.  Contact Margaret with questions about enrolling your property, relocation questions, and income qualification.

Rebecca Reese, 865.7533, Project Specialist

Rebecca joined the Lead Program in January 2018.  Her primary responsibilities are managing Lead Hazard Reduction projects. Contact Rebecca with questions about a project, lead safety, healthy home safety, garden safety or other questions involving lead issues.

Beth Awhaitey, 865.LEAD (5323), Enrollment Specialist (Mon- Thurs 8:30-4:30)

Beth joined the Lead Program in April 2018.  Beth can help with scheduling your FREE site visit, enrolling your property, helping with applications, income qualification and providing lead-specific education to tenants and property owners.