Compliance with the Essential Maintenance Practices Law (EMP), a/k/a the Vermont Lead Law,  is required for all rental properties in Vermont that were built before 1978. This law also applies to contractors working on, renovating, or maintaining pre-1978 properties and childcare facilities built before 1978.

Requirements of the law are as follows:

  • Complete an EMP training course (see below) approved by the Vermont Department of Health
  • Provide tenants with EPA “Protect Your Family from Lead” pamphlet
  • Hang a poster in each unit or common area asking tenants to report chipping or damaged paint
  • Perform Essential Maintenance Practices annually (EMPs)
    • Inspect the interior and exterior of the property, including out buildings
    • Identify areas where paint is in poor condition, and promptly fix it using lead safe work practices 
    • Verify the installation of coil stock inserts in window wells
    • Remove any visible paint chips on the ground outside the building
    • Perform a specialized cleaning in common areas and at tenant turnover; use a HEPA vacuum to remove lead dust
    • Take precautions whenever remodeling to prevent the spread of lead dust
  • Sign a Compliance Statement certifying that EMP’s have been done and provide a copy to your tenants, insurance carrier and VT Department of Health at least every 365 days.  Childcare providers must also file a copy with the Vermont Department for Children and Families.  Compliance Statements can now be filed online here.

For all further inquiries regarding the Essential Maintenance Practices Law (EMP), please contact the Vermont Department of Health at 802-865-7220 or

If you’re looking for infomation on how to contact an EMP certified contractor, you can use the Vermont Department of Health’s searchable database of certified Essential Maintenance Practice persons here

EMP Classes:

Essential Maintenance Practices class to be held on  February 11, 2020 at 5pm in Contois Auditorium City Hall Burlington, 149 Church St. Burlington, VT 05401. If you’d like more information or to register for the FREE class call 865-5323 or send an e-mail with your contact information to Ilir.

More information about other EMP classes in Vermont, can be found here

The following items will be given to you at the training and are available here in a printable PDF format.

The Burlington Lead Program works with property owners to reduce lead paint hazards at their properties. We work in single family homes, owner-occupied rental properties, rental apartment buildings and home-based childcare centers. To qualify for assistance the property must:

  • Be located in Burlington or Winooski
  • Have been constructed prior to 1978
  • Have at least one (1) bedroom

Also, the total the total household income cannot exceed 80% of the median income for Burlington. Visit our Enrollment page to learn how you can apply.

*100% funding forgiveness available by meeting program criteria

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