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The Burlington Lead Program (BLP) provides many free services that are available to any Burlington or Winooski resident. BLP is a community resource, and we can provide guidance to parents, property owners and contractors about health and safety or the various lead laws. You do not need to be enrolled or even eligible for our program to take advantage of these services. We’re here to help.   Contact Sidney Durmick at 865-LEAD (5323) or sdurmick@burlingtonvt.gov about any of these free services.

HEPA Vacuum Loans – Currently on HOLD 

We have HEPA vacuums available at our office (Burlington City Hall, Community & Economic Development Office) for you to borrow to clean your home. A HEPA vacuum contains a special filter that traps very fine particulates like lead dust, which aren’t readily visible to the naked eye.

Site Visits – Currently on HOLD

Burlington Lead Program staff are available for site visits for families with young children or expecting children to take lead dust samples and help identify any potential lead hazards in the home.

Technical Assistance

Renovation activities can generate a lot of lead dust. Adults can be poisoned by inhaling lead dust while performing renovation work; children may become lead-poisoned by ingesting lead dust left behind from unsafe work and improper cleaning.

Local, State and Federal lead laws apply to renovation work; we can help you understand and comply with these laws. We can provide information on lead-safe work practices for renovations and painting and about available trainings. We can also provide guidance on how to clean up after renovations.  Remember, lead poisoning is preventable, and assistance from BLP can help keep you or someone in your family safe.

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