In 2009, Burlington City Council enacted the Lead Safety Ordinance (Chapter 18 Housing, Article III, 18-112 Paint) to protect children from lead poisoning. The Ordinance was drafted by Code Enforcement, the Community & Economic Development Office (CEDO) and the City Attorney’s Office based on national research.

The ordinance requires compliance with the existing State of Vermont Essential Maintenance Practices Law (EMP) and the use of Lead Safe Work Practices

Code Enforcement ensures EMP compliance during a Minimum Housing Inspections by requiring a copy of the most recent EMP Compliance Statement filed with the State of Vermont by property owners. A Certificate of Compliance will not be issued until EMP compliance is met.

Lead Safe Work Practices are necessary  when working on any pre-1978 dwelling, including rental units and owner-occupied properties. Code Enforcement has the authority to issue stop work orders or tickets if proper work practices are not being used.

The Ordinance also requires a warning poster be hung prior to and during any work that disturbs exterior paint on pre-1978 dwelling.  Hard copies of the poster are available at both the Community & Economic Development Office (CEDO) in City Hall or at the Code Enforcement Office.