We Could Save You Thousands of $$$ on Home Improvements

Imagine saving thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars on the much needed improvements in your older home or rental property.

If you own an older property in Burlington or Winooski, we can help you fix it for FREE!*

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Work the Burlington Lead Program can do for FREE* includes:

  • FREE* Window Replacements
  • Exterior Paint Job
  • Health & Safety Improvements

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Get those much needed home improvments done for free!

This property owner saved $29,000 in home improvements How much could we save you?

If you own an older home or rental property in Burlington or Winooski, you know home improvements costs add up quickly. Thanks to a $3.4 million federal grant, we can save you $$thousands of dollars and the improvements can be done at no out-of-pocket cost to you.

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*100% funding forgiveness available by meeting program criteria